Welcome to iShapify, a Retailer of leading brands of Waist Cinchers, Bra and related Shapewear including Ann Chery, Enell (Oprah's favorite), Elomi, Fantasie and many more. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter and human being, I can relate to you and had always struggled with my body image and self-confidence!

Did you know that "Everyday, 12 million women start a weight loss journey. But only 10% reach their goal weight. Don't be a part of the 90%. Keep going! Finally, I did too, took my 1st step and many more towards reclaiming back my once shapified body, embracing my beauty and the rest of this is now part of history!

iShapify's goal is to assist its customers through the journey of achieving an overall "shapified" and curvier silhouette, such as managing your "trouble spots", including tummy or midsection, post baby bulge, weight loss, posture correction, and overall feel better experience.

    Today is your day to start embracing your curves!

    Yours Truly,